Current and Previous Libertarian Candidates

Are you interested in running for office in Arapahoe County? Contact us for more information. There are dozens of board positions, RTD seats, city council, as well as state house, state senate, and county commissioner positions in Arapahoe County. We have an array of seasoned candidates to mentor you if you are interested in running on an upcoming ballot.

Here are a few of our previous candidates:

Sheilah Davis

Sheila Davis is a guru when it comes to body language and subliminal cues. She is an expert in hypnosis and trained in the art of neuro linguistic programming (NLP). After attending several city council meetings she realized that her skills were invaluable in reading all the personalities involved in city government, from the mayor, to city council, to the citizens who stand before them with their observations and requests. This realization led her to run for mayor of Aurora in 2011. Davis recognized the processes involved in running a city needed more honesty, more eye contact, and more integrity. Sheila walked from door to door, participated in candidate forums, and continued to attend Aurora City Council meetings while running in the mayoral race. People found her approach to solving problems refreshing and needed.

Frank Atwood

In the 2012 election Frank ran for Colorado U.S. Congressional District 1, against the Democrat incumbent Diana DeGette. Earning 12,500 votes, Atwood came in third. This is an impressive feat, considering at the time, the state of Colorado had 25,000 registered Libertarians. Frank was also involved with the Friends of Tim Menger effort for HD 54 in Grand and Mesa counties in 2012. He is eager to discuss that campaign and its strategy. Frank also tries to be liaison to other political organizations. His creed is "Advance liberty and I am with you; if not, not." He is now a vigorous advocate for Approval Voting, an alternative voting method that lets the voter vote for more than one candidate. For major parties this means fewer spoilers and less sabotage.

Jaime Brown

In 2010 Brown ran for governor and traveled the state promoting the tenets of the Libertarian party. He personally talked to thousands of people along the Front Range and Western Slope during his gubernatorial campaign. Brown thinks running for office is one of the most significant ways an activist can donate their time and talents. A friend to liberty, Jaimes is known to pitch in and do what it takes to get things done, a trait he gets from running his own small business. Brown can frequently be found volunteering at Libertarian outreach booths, helping at envelope stuffing parties, or attending candidate debates.

Ken Wyble

Wyble ran for office in 2008 in Senate District 28, and then again as Lieutenant Governor in 2010, on the same ballot with Jaimes Brown. Ken is a very upbeat person, and he brought a positive outlook to both of his campaigns. He found running for office was a unique opportunity to spread the word about liberty. Wyble is a multifaceted man, or, as his professional moniker states, "A man for all seasons." Wyble is an accomplished chef, with his own catering company. Members of the Libertarian Party have enjoyed his savory creations at many fundraisers. To complement his fine-tuned palate, he also has an eye for design. His artwork has been featured in several Libertarian publications; he created the LPAC logo.

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