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The Libertarian Party of Arapahoe County (LPAC) holds a business meeting on the second Thursday of the month. At this meeting board members determine the course of our affiliate. Since our organization is a Political Party Committee, registered with the State of Colorado, we are able to accept donations. Business meetings focus on fundraising, candidate cultivation, outreach development, and other functions needed to grow the Libertarian Party. Arapahoe County residents, who are also members of the Libertarian Party, are eligible to vote at LPAC meetings. If you are eligible to vote at LPAC meetings, and have donated $20 or more in any calendar year, you may vote on issues that require LPAC to spend money.

Please see our Facebook or Meetup sites for specific dates and agendas.

Chairperson - Brenda Francis

Brenda became a registered Libertarian in 2009, after she realized the Libertarian Party represented her values, a deficiency both major parties failed to do. Francis is a freelance writer, composing email marketing in HTML for small, medium, and large organizations.

She is an avid gun owner. Brenda encourages women to get out to the gun range. The largest growing demographic of gun ownership is women. The Chair believes that gun control is the real 'War on Women.' Women, using a firearm in a real-life situation are almost always the 'good guy' in the situation, or rather "the good gal with a gun."

Francis also believes that with such a low probability of misuse of a firearm, women are being victimized by the new Colorado gun control laws put into place in 2013. When a woman has to change magazines in a real-life situation, it is because she is defending herself and her family against a rapist, kidnapper, or violent perpetrator. Sadly, many of these gun control laws were sponsored by do-goody, liberal women. Francis believes women are brainwashed into thinking guns are dangerous by the Marxist, progressive left.

When Brenda was elected to the post of chairman, she declared she would focus on three things:
· She would continue to fight against gun control, and champion responsible gun ownership.
· She would not be a default enemy of philosophical allies (Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats, and Christians). Francis pledged to be an advocate of working together.
· Finally, she would focus on cultivating grassroots candidates, because she believes putting line-holders on the ballot is a waste of time in the long run. She believes you cannot be a spoiler at the lowest levels of government, and that the Libertarian Party needs to start cultivating career politicians.

Secretary-Treasurer - Amy Lunde-Provines

Amy Lunde-Provines has lived in Arapahoe County for over sixteen years, and registered as a Libertarian in 2008. The 2012 election cycle spurred her into activism, and she has since become heavily involved in the Libertarian Party at all levels. Amy currently serves as the Secretary-Treasurer of LPAC, the Regions Director of the Libertarian Party of Colorado, and occasionally helps out with social media graphics and other projects for LP National.

In her personal life, Amy enjoys listening to music (in a car at excessive volume is her preferred method -- perfect for singing along), spending time with friends and family, and she has been a genealogy buff for over a decade.

Publicity Director - Vacant

If you are interested in appointment to the Publicity Director position, please contact us.

Outreach Director - Jacob Erbes

Jacob is a fourth generation Colorado Native, who is passionate about bringing our state and nation back to a place of economic and individual freedoms. Mr. Erbes has been an actual, card-carrying member of the Libertarian Party since 2008. He states he is a former Republican, because he previously didn't know of a better alternative. His main focus is to grow the Libertarian Party by informing as many people as possible that they have a choice: to vote for someone, as opposed to voting against someone.

Membership Director - Paul Langford

Paul retired from a career in the United States Air Force in Colorado Springs. After being stationed abroad and various places around the US, he decided Colorado was the place he wanted to live. The formation of larger government and crazy spending drove Langford from the Republican Party, where he never fit with the R's at all. He became a registered Libertarian in 2004.

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