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The Libertarian Party of Arapahoe County (LPAC) Board of Directors determine the course of our affiliate. Since our organization is a Political Party Committee, registered with the State of Colorado, we are able to accept donations. Business meetings focus on fundraising, candidate cultivation, outreach development, and other functions needed to grow the Libertarian Party. Arapahoe County residents, who are also members of the Libertarian Party, are eligible to vote at LPAC meetings. If you are eligible to vote at LPAC meetings, and have donated $20 or more in any calendar year, you may vote on issues that require LPAC to spend money.

Please see our Facebook page or The Libertarian Party of Colorado's Meetup page for specific dates and agendas.

Chairperson - Jeff Orrok

Jeff Orrok first took the World's Smallest Political Quiz and discovered the Libertarian Party in 1991. He has been an active leader at the local, county, and state levels of the party, working on campaigns, citizen initiatives, and outreach and education. He founded and served two years as chair of the Aurora Libertarians. He has served previously as chair of the Libertarian Party of Arapahoe County (2006); four years as Outreach Director of the Libertarian Party of Colorado (2006-2010); and four years as State Chair of LPCO (2011-2015). Jeff is interested in eliminating or reducing taxation, ending the war on drugs, and strengthening the state and national constitutions to secure liberty and severely limit government powers. Mr. Orrok also currently serves as Membership Director for LPCO.

Secretary-Treasurer - Bennett Rutledge

Bennett began his political life as a Republican, back in the days of Eisenhower and Goldwater. He even became an officer in the Teen Age Republican Club at his high school. The first schism came when Bennett ran for delegate to the Republican Convention on an anti-Nixon platform, primarily because he had not ended the Draft as promised. Bennett gathered a whopping 26 votes. Then he went away to college at the U of Arizona, where he discovered to his shock that he was a flaming liberal. The Nolan diagram (used today as the "World's Smallest Political Quiz") was the piece Mr. Rutledge needed to see the real picture. Come to our next meeting and tell us your story.

Publicity Director - David Lawrence Hein

David's biography and photo coming soon.

Outreach Director - Position Vacant

This position is currently vacant. If you have the skills and desire to fill this position, please contact us for possible appointment.

Membership Director - Steven Forrester

Steven's biography and photo coming soon.

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